Critical Power Consulting, P.C. helps businesses navigate the world of electric utilities.

Whether your company has a new construction project that is in danger of missing a deadline, wants to lower its monthly utility bills, or needs to understand where the energy is being used, Critical Power Consulting can help you to answer important questions and map out the right electric utility solution for your business.

  • Is the utility service installation jeopardizing an on-time completion?
  • Are we on the right utility rate/tariff?
  • Is my company getting the right type of electrical service?
  • Can we lower our monthly costs by adjusting our work hours?
  • Are we using electricity efficiently?
  • Can we determine where and how much power we are using?
  • Are we recouping all of our tenants’ electricity usage effectively?
  • We need a lot of power in a short time frame, where do we start?
  • Who do we talk to at the utility about this?

If these questions sound familiar, and utility power is essential to your company’s success, you need CPC.

CPC understands the critical need for power in all industries and the impact it can have on a company’s bottom line.