Critical Power Consulting, P.C. helps businesses navigate the world of electric utilities.  Often times developers, land owners, or existing utility customers find themselves caught in a world of electric utility jargon and acronyms (CIAC, Tariff, Schedule or Rule XX, T&D, kW, kWh kVA, power factor, load factor, TOU).  Asking the utility for too much up front will cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions, and drive the schedule beyond required milestones.  On the other hand, asking for too little may leave you out in the cold with your competition.  Most businesses do not have time or the internal expertise to figure out all of the nuances and terminology used in the world of electric utilities.  This is where CPC comes in.  Let us guide you and peel back the curtain to the electric utilities, and help you understand where and how your money is being spent.

CPC has worked with electric utilities all across North America and understands that each utility has its own rules and regulations to follow.  Having the right contacts is the first step of the process.

Critical Power Consulting has been a trusted partner across industries for over 20 years.  Our services include:

  • Land Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Power Master Planning
  • Utility Power Coordination (Expediter)
  • Conceptual Design of Substations
  • Rate Analysis / Transmission vs. Primary vs. Secondary
  • Asset Cost Analysis
  • Sub-Metering System Review and / or Design
  • Insurance Loss Investigations
  • Utility Service Design / Review
  • RFP Preparation / Bid Process Coordination and Management
  • Medium Voltage Distribution Design
  • Electric Utility Project Owner’s Agent / Engineer
  • Electric System SCADA System and Automation Review
  • Short Circuit Coordination and Arc Flash Analysis

CPC helps any commercial or industrial customer who considers their electric utility power critical to their overall operation.  Typical vertical segments consist of:

  • Datacenters
  • Hospitals
  • Real Estate Developers / REITS
  • Bio-Pharmaceuticals
  • Insurance Companies
  • Universities
  • Utilities